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Kromasol rewards all your efforts with an unforgettable trip to the world reknown "city of light", Paris, where you will discover a new meaning of love and elegance; while you fall in love with its castles, its gastronomy and its main attractions such as the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Rekindle the fire of love with your partner on a dream trip to the most romantic city in the world!
Kromasol wants you to achieve success in your business, so upon reaching the Royal Premium range, we help you with the financing of your Business Kit, these are tools for your presentations and meetings; including the new iPhone 8; MontBlanc pen, Epson model Powerlite projector, Samsonite Xenon 2 case; Tasting Products; Advertising banner and training in our Premium Boards, in summary, EVERYTHING you need to become a true leader.
Reach the BlackStar leadership level by qualifying 9 of 12 weeks to the Premium Platinum rank and become one of the "owners" of Kromasol by acquiring shares of the company and obtaining a percentage of sales worldwide. Also, you can get a luxurious Trinity Ring from Cartier.
Kromasol ensures that all your effort remains in your family for generations. Your business is Inheritable and in case of death of a Distributor, KROMASOL will recognize the ownership of the Distribution Agreement in favor of the beneficiary that is manifested there. The heir will be subrogated in all the rights and obligations derived from said contract and will continue to receive the Bonds according to the level range reached.